Since people are asking for my permission, if they are allowed to use my music on their videos extremely often and I'm a bit tired of saying YES all the time, I decided to create this page that will serve as a written proof and permission for all of you my dear music lovers. Hopefully, this will consume me a lot of time every day. Please, read carefully.

You can use my original music on YouTube, even commercially, if I've given a FREE download link for it. You can also monetize these YouTube videos where my music is used. But you MUST give CREDITS to me in your video description (see for an example below). If you are planning to use my music outside YouTube, contact me.

EXAMPLE (optional)

Music by Tobu

EXAMPLE (minimum)

Music by Tobu

Of course, you don't have to include all of my social networks, it will be just enough if you leave just my YouTube, Facebook or Spotify link. But most important thing is to respect my work and give credit at all. Remember that I work hard on my music, the more credits you leave, the bigger your support is for me. Thanks for understanding!

Toms Burkovskis